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Lily Cole: ‘Ledger taught me how to act’   

lilycole-286x300Lily Cole has claimed that she owes her successful acting career to the late Heath Ledger.

The model, who met Ledger during filming of The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus, said that he became her mentor and a great friend.

Cole told The Times: “He definitely helped me. From the beginning, he understood that I would be overwhelmed and scared by the size of the project. He encouraged me and said he was really proud of me, constantly fed me support.”

Ledger died mid-way through filming of the movie and his role was taken on by Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp.

Cole added: “Everyone loved Heath. For everyone who knew him, [his death] was devastating. The practicalities of continuing the production were difficult, but it seemed irrelevant. Johnny slipped seamlessly into the role, but that didn’t stop it being bizarre.”

The movie is due to be released in October.



  • Emma Breeze Says:

    Again, this sounds typical of Heath, always looking out and helping others! I have read many articles where people have said the same as Lily. He was always willing to share and teach others what he could. I look forward to seeing the film, of course because of Heath, but also to see how Johnny, Jude and Colin have continued his role. Can’t wait!

  • Dee Says:

    Nicely put Emma – and so true. Heath was never “all about Heath”, he was very giving of himself to others. Whether it was with his friends and family, or people he worked with in the industry, Heath showed that he was never too busy to take the time to help anyone who needed it. He also had great ambition to try other things, such as directing small films or music videos, and he was just so full of life, so dedicated not only to his talent, but also the people he worked with. Heath could be friends with anyone, it came naturally to him, it’s just who he was. Heath Ledger was a real “people person” and I envy anyone who was lucky enough to know him. With Heath, they would have had a true friend and mentor for life.

  • Chubee Says:

    It has been one year and still I miss Heath Ledger so much!!! As an actor, as a man, he had contributed many beautiful scenes and overwhelming movies to the cinema’s world. Furthermore, as a fellow actor, he helped and guided his partner to portray their character many times before. I saw many of his movies over and over again but never once did they fail to amaze me. I’m very fond of his meticulous acting and I’m not shy to declare that I’m in love with Heath Ledger as he was a truly talented man. And tonight, I fell in him love with him again as I went through every one of his movie sobbing like a child. I cry not because of the unfathomable sadness of losing him but because I missed the chance to know this wonderful person named Heath Ledger. I had wished to be able to meet him at least once…

    If I could compare Heath Ledger to a shooting star, I felt even though it was brief, it would be the brightest and the prettiest one I have ever seen.
    Although he is gone, his works and his life will be remembered forever. May he rest in peace.

  • christiane Says:

    Heath was very generous, he always thinking of others before him.

    He was full of kindness and very shy.

  • Samuel Says:

    Heath Ledger was a legend even when he was alive. Such passion with his acting, he never took a role that he didnt lift with his precence and talent.

    He deserved to win an Oscar for his previous movies, he won but he had to pay with his death.

    A talent like him will be missed and I pray to God that he´s child will have a life that lasts longer then her fathers.

    God bless you Heath, R.I.P

  • Hayden Says:

    I hope Lily realizes how lucky she was to be presented with the opportunity to play alongside Heath in his final days. What an honor.

    I am glad that she had nothing but nice things to say about him. I have no doubt that everything she said is one-hundred percent true.

    Heath was a wonderful man. ♥

  • Paolo Barilli Says:

    Dear all
    you know that at the Rome Film festival will be a celebration oh Heath’s work with The Masses and Terry Gilliam? I think it’s great..I will be there and I hope many italian fans will be there guys!! In the name of Heath

  • Hayden Says:

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody has read or purchased the latest issue of Vogue? Michelle Williams is the covergirl for the month of October, and she talks a little bit about Heath. I was hoping the operator of this site could perhaps add scans to the gallery or something so people could read what she said about Heath.

  • Dee Says:

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody has read or purchased the latest issue of Vogue? Michelle Williams is the covergirl for the month of October, and she talks a little bit about Heath. I was hoping the operator of this site could perhaps add scans to the gallery or something so people could read what she said about Heath.

    I didn’t know that Hayden, thanks for the input. Hopefully the site administrator will be able to put that up so that everyone can read it.

  • Hayden Says:

    No problem, Dee. I haven’t even purchased the magazine yet myself, but I hope to do so soon . . . although I am still hoping that the administrator will put up scans from it in the gallery like I said before. (:

  • Hayden Says:

    This is for the administrator of this site (and anybody else who is interested in reading.) Enjoy.

  • Emma Breeze Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Hayden, it’s a great read. I love hearing what people have to say about Heath. It’s very obvious Terry and Heath shared a great friendship. By the way, I’m off to see The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus on Friday morning, I can’t wait! Thanks again, Em.

  • Hayden Says:

    Oh! You’re so lucky! The movie doesn’t come out here in the US until December 25th. :( Oh well, I guess I can be patient for that long . . .

    And you are welcome for the article. I’d do anything to spread more wonderful news about Heath. (:

  • Emma Breeze Says:

    Hi Hayden, just to let you know I have seen the film and it is amazing! Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you get to see it in Dec, it will be worth the wait. Heath is just wonderful and you can tell how much he was enjoying his role as Tony. I have just found out earlier that Dr P has come 3rd in the list of most watched films at the weekend in the UK. Great news!

  • Dee Says:

    As Emma said, this movie will be worth the wait, and if she says it’s amazing, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be. Emma was so lucky to be able to see it in the U.K. at this time. I can’t believe we have to wait until Christmas here in Canada and the U.S., but for me it will be that extra special gift of the season this year. I hope that anyone else who see’s this incredible movie will share their comments on this site, so that we can all express our feelings, and remember Heath fondly in his final film.

  • I miss Heath Ledger Says:

    Hey Hayden,

    Did you get a chance to buy a copy of Vanity Fair August 2009?
    I am very grateful to Terry Gilliam and Nicole Peccorini’s input.
    Michelle Williams is not sweet and she was certainly not Heath Ledger’s
    soulmate or the love of his life. After getting that information on her
    it is so apparent she trapped him to keep him and later wound up a
    scorned woman who then wanted to embarrass and humiliate Heath.
    That mentally sick twin stepped in during all of this and became the
    major trouble for him. Michelle Williams emotionally tormented Heath
    and that mentally sick twin finished him.